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Meth seized at Budget Inn

Drug Task Force officer says market is flooded

with less expensive meth
drug-bust    The cash, meth and other drugs seized after an anonymous call directed Jasper Police officers and drug task force agents to a room at the Budget Inn.

     Responding to an anonymous call made to 911, officers made three arrests and confiscated nearly a pound of methamphetamine, as well as marijuana and cash at the Budget Inn on East Church Street.  

See the full story in this week's print or online editions.  


Gonna need more cops
-1 #1 Gonna need more cops 2015-12-27 14:40
Now you know why I HATE staying in motels/hotels. On any given day, in a room near yours, are the worst of society. They're drugged up, loud, obnoxious, and they care only about themselves. It doesn't even matter how expensive the hotel either. I've stayed in rooms that were $200.00 per night and have been completely miserable because of the losers nearby my room. WAY TO GO, COPS! Keep up the awesome work.

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