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Fatal wreck on Highway 108


Officers survey the site of a deadly crash on Highway 108 midday Friday, Dec. 11. 

      A motorist involved in a crash at the intersection of Highway 108 and Upper Bethany Road sustained fatal injuries, according to the Georgia State Patrol. The crash occurred at approximately 12:46 p.m. Early reports from GSP state that a Toyota 4 Runner ran a stop sign on Upper Bethany Road and ran into the path of a westbound dump truck. No other details have been released at this time. 


0 #1 kimberly 2015-12-16 16:01
who was the dump trucking company?
Gonna need more cops
-5 #2 Gonna need more cops 2015-12-22 13:48
I'm so dang tired of you people texting and driving. That poor truck driver! Yeah, I said it. What if that person that ran the stop sign hit a family and killed them? Police: please get on these idiots on our roads that text and drive. I used to love to drive, but now, forget it! How many deaths must we witness before police enforce these laws and get those losers off our roads? Merry Christmas.
+3 #3 Kimberly 2015-12-23 06:58
That was my Father that was killed on that road. He was a 70 yr old man that didn't even know how to text!!
Kimberly kologe
+1 #4 Kimberly kologe 2015-12-27 22:13
Maybe the truck driver wasn't watching what he was doing... Maybe he was texting:/ [Editor's Note: According to GSP reports, the driver of the Toyota 4 Runner failed to yield as he attempted to turn from Upper Bethany Road onto Highway 108. There was no indication in the reports that either driver was texting at the time of the crash.]
Kimberly kologe
+1 #5 Kimberly kologe 2015-12-28 16:01
Exactly! Thank you.

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