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Hearing on Hwy. 515 at Antioch Church Rd. Dec. 15

Changes proposed at Pickens intersection to reduce crashes

 A public hearing open house to discuss the Georgia DOT’s proposed project to improve the intersection of State Route (SR) 515 and Antioch Church Road in Pickens County is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15, 2015 from 5 until 7 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Commissioner’s Conference Room of the Pickens County Administration Building, located at 1266 E. Church Street, Suite 168 in Jasper, Georgia.
Pickens County’s residents interested in learning more about the proposed project are encouraged to attend the meeting and express their thoughts and preferences.
“We would like to hear the viewpoints and concerns of all area residents," says DeWayne Comer, district engineer at the Georgia DOT office in Cartersville.
The proposed plans call for the installation of a Restricted Crossing U-Turn intersection on SR 515 at Antioch Church Road. A Restricted Crossing U-Turn, or RCUT, intersection is an intersection design that restricts left turns at an intersection, but allows the same movement downstream via a U-turn. It is characterized by the prohibition of left-turn and through movements from side street approaches as permitted in conventional designs. Instead, the RCUT intersection accommodates these movements by requiring drivers to turn right onto the main road and then make a U-turn maneuver at a one-way median opening 400 to 1,000 ft. after the intersection. Left turns from the main road approaches are executed in a manner similar to left turns at conventional intersections and are unchanged in this design.

The proposed improvement is needed to reduce the crash frequency and severity along the SR 515 corridor at CR 250/Antioch Church Road. The RCUT intersection reduces the conflict points from 48 (conventional intersection) down to 24, while further reducing the crossing conflict points from 24 to 4. The percentage of fatal and/or injury crashes decrease when utilizing the RCUT intersection, along with the percentage of total crashes. By rerouting minor street left-turn and through movements to a median U-turn crossover, the RCUT intersection provides operational and safety advantages over conventional intersection designs. The operational advantages of having RCUTS are the following: Up to a 30 percent increase in throughput and up to a 40 percent reduction in network intersection travel time.

“The Georgia DOT strongly believes that since this project is intended to serve the people of Pickens County, the ideas and preferences of these people are important,” Comer explains.  “This meeting will provide the public with an opportunity to review the proposed project, ask questions, and express their preferences.”

The Open House will be informal and the public is invited to attend anytime between 5 and 7 p.m.  The meeting site is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Accommodations for people with disabilities can be arranged with advance notice by calling Cherie Marsh at (678) 721-5257.


+1 #1 Amy 2015-12-10 13:49
Stupid idea. Doesn't help a bit when it comes to that intersection. You are still having to make a very dangerous left turn onto Hwy 515 South with people coming toward you at speeds higher than 75 mph. Why not a traffic light? Too expensive? A traffic light is the only SAFE answer to this intersection. Once again, an idea from State people who don't have to use that intersection. If Philadelphia Road and Camp Road are bad enough to earn a traffic signal, why not Antioch Church Road?
jerry Jameson
+4 #2 jerry Jameson 2015-12-14 00:04
I have seen gsp and pickens county sheriff's deputies try to come thru intersections along 515 code 3 around campus road and further north and it's dangerous for them as well as the public a dress these intersections first then the others also suggest flashing lights stating dangerous intersection ahead etc
scott higgins
+2 #3 scott higgins 2015-12-15 06:58
If all these intersections had been
built with bridges we wouldn't be talking about this. Also a lot of people would not have died, and or had injuries. DOT lets save some money?
pinto colvig
-3 #4 pinto colvig 2015-12-17 19:43
I haven't lived in Jasper in a while. Are people still crashing into and killing each other all the time on 515??? Maybe Johnny Weaver should have required developers on the four lane to invest in things like public safety back when he was selling them sewer and water connections for $75K a pop just so they could hurry up and build their big box stores and cookie cutter chain establishments and unhealthy, disgusting restaurants that produce all this dangerous traffic.

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