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Rezoning requested for Dollar General at Grandview


This sign marks the site where developers hope to build a Dollar General on Cove Road.

     Bobby Howard, for Hibbymo Properties in Calhoun, submitted paperwork to request rezoning that would allow a Dollar General to locate on the west corner of the Grandview and Cove roads intersection. The report from the planning office recommends that the project be denied.

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+2 #1 Guest 2015-11-26 11:19
This would mean the delivery trucks would run the risk of overturning on cove road if coming from jasper itself via up or down the S curve there's been a few wrecks even as recent as Tuesday so bad idea dollar general corporate we have a few in pickens county keep this location off your list please we love our residential areas..
big frank
-8 #2 big frank 2015-11-30 11:01
It must mean people are rich, fat and sassy when the only thing they have to worry about is something they pass on the way to their homes. My suggestion is for them to keep their eyes on the road -- especially the way many of those old folks from the city drive when they hit our mountain roads. ANd to worry about what is going on in their homes or lives.
-4 #3 Guest 2016-08-17 01:48
Large Delivery truck, trucks carrying heavy equipment and large buses come up Cove Rd all the time going into Bent Tree, Big Canoe and the Salvation Army Camp.
If a Dollar General was located at the proposed site alot of people that live in this area would not have to travel the S-curves to go shopping and also cut down on the traffic past Grandview. I live off of Cove Rd and would love to have a Dollar General at the proposed site.
hah hah
-5 #4 hah hah 2016-08-19 10:42
Poor little rich people. Hey, someone posted a while back about the Grandview area being like New Orleans. That you could still walk around in public with a beer. Hey, rich people, now this dude and his trashed friends'll be a shoppin' near your precious mansions you so cherish. Time to move to a more secluded area you snobs!.

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