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Real Men Wear Pink to Fight Breast Cancer


(l-r)Tony Pritchett, Gilmer County EMS director; Kirk Garner, Ace Hardware; Alan Davenport, ETC; and Allen Wigington, chief magistrate judge.


Submitted by Piedmont Mountainside

Piedmont Mountainside Hospital’s annual Real Men Wear Pink campaign promotes early detection of breast cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October

Four men make up the 2015 “Real Men” team, serving as ambassadors who advocate for women to schedule mammograms. Alan Davenport and Tony Pritchett, both community leaders in the business and public sectors, are two of this year’s ambassadors.

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“I’m thankful to partner with Piedmont for such a great cause,” said Davenport. He’s a business applications specialist for Ellijay Telephone Company (ETC), and passionate about cancer awareness. He and his family, as well as his ETC team, enjoy participating in events like Relay for Life and other cancer awareness initiatives. So it didn’t take much to get Davenport into a pink polo for a good cause.

“Hopefully people will see me in pink and it will start a conversation about breast cancer,” Davenport said.

Conversations won’t cure, but they can inspire women to schedule a mammogram. Early detection of breast cancer can make all the difference in a positive outcome, so it’s important to catch it before symptoms start to show. 

Pritchett, Gilmer County’s fire chief, knows firsthand what early detection can mean for women. 

“I think the campaign is a great idea,” Pritchett said. “I’ve had folks in my family who have been affected my breast cancer. More than anything else, what impacts me is that my grandmother died of breast cancer in 1999. It wasn’t caught as early as she could have, so the results were not as effective…Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you have to get a mammogram.”

Davenport and Pritchett are hoping to shed some light on a sensitive topic and encourage women to schedule a mammogram. By stepping out in pink, they’re doing just that. So what’s the favorite shade of pink for a real man?

“Whatever shade of pink it takes to get the job done,” Davenport said with a chuckle.

To schedule a mammogram at Piedmont Mountainside, call 706-705-5111.