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Rocky relationship unfolds between planning commission and wedding venue

tatum-acres-map-color   The large square is the center is Tatum Acres, where the planning commission made a recommendation to allow a wedding/special venue off of Cove Road. A large group of Big Canoe homeowners, whose gated community extends to the right and top of the site on the map, voiced disapproval. The issue will next head to the board of commissioners who will make a final decision.

Like a romance off to a rocky start, a wedding/special events venue on Cove Road and the planning commission gingerly stepped into a relationship Monday night.
    The planning commission agreed to support Tatum Acres’  special permit request, but not til death do they part. In fact, they loaded up their recommendation with numerous conditions and a promise of one slip-up and it’s over.
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Randy Lewis
-1 #1 Randy Lewis 2015-10-15 20:02
I beg to differ on your description of what the planning commission proposed. The Tatum's have shown a willful disregard for zoning regulations before this went to the planning commission. They used this as a wedding venue knowing that it was not zoned for that purpose. The enforcement of the restrictions placed were at the discretion of both the county sheriff to write a ticket and the judges that any complaint were brought before. Each situation would be mitigated if the sheriff or judges chose not to pursue the matter. In addition, the planning commission failed to place any constraints on the volume of noise coming from the venue in spite of a clearly demonstrated problem with the decibel level of the noise forming from the venue.
reality check
+3 #2 reality check 2015-10-27 08:51
Well, sorry, but I have to say ha ha to all those rich people in Big Canoe that bought property and homes near these folks. Heck, if I were thinking of buying land there, you betcha I'd do an overhead view of the entire area (very easy to do by the way). If I saw that large tract of land in my backyard, betcha again I'd inquire as to what goes on there. Bottom line: buyer beware! Until the law says otherwise, have your weddings, concerts, etc. If there are violations of law happening, however, nail them to the floor, I say. All it takes is one noise complaint to get the cops out there. ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS! Oh, and good luck bringing a case to this county's courts for resolution. The good ol' boy judge's will do their best to rule in favor of the rich folks, believe that!

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