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Homecoming parade Monday revives PHS tradition


DragonNation, PHS is bringing back the Homecoming parade tradition with the 2015 October 12th at 6:30 p.m. on Main Street, bonfire following at Lee Newton park.

By Tucker Green

PHS student, Dragons Lair News

As Pickens High School is the only high school in a tight-knit community, this means PHS receives lots of high-spirited support! With that support comes a long line of history, memories and richly embedded traditions. When you ask Pickens High alumni about some of their greatest school memories, there is a good chance Homecoming week will come to mind. For decades Homecoming week was filled with week-long celebrations for the school and community coming together. 

Homecoming week in the past usually started out with grade level competitions of hall and float decorations. Every grade, club and sports team would spend hours together making floats to “out do” one another.

On Thursday nights the community would gather out at the old high school (now JMS) for a car bash and bonfire, continuing the buildup for the big game.In the old days, on Friday at 2 p.m. all Pickens County Schools would be released to go to downtown Jasper for the big Homecoming parade. High School students would walk up town and all the elementary and middle school students were shuttled in by bus for the parade. Main Street would be packed with excited community members, reminded of their high school years. Businesses closed early to come out and show support for the hometown school. Elementary and middle school students looked on in awe as the older kids paraded through the streets. 


The week was a time of excitement and pride for our school and our community. Like all things with time, comes some change. Though all these traditions are not what they once respectively were, it is important that we maintain them to our best abilities. 

PHS girls’ basketball coach Donna Enis, who is the daughter of former PHS longtime coach Don Enis and acted as the 1968 Homecoming flower girl reflected “ Tradition is everything, it’s our connection to the generations before us. Events like this are important; they bring us together and give us something to cheer about!” 

Though things have changed and traditions have faded at times, one thing has remained the same: this community has continued to bleed green! 

On Monday, October 12th PHS will hold a Homecoming parade down Main Street at 6:30 p.m. with a bonfire to follow at Lee Newton Park. It is our hope that the school and community would join together once more to cheer on the Pickens Dragons, as they have so many times before!