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Dollar General eyes Grandview area

 dollar general grandview

Above, the intersection of Grandview and Cove roads. The corner parcel across Grandview Road from the old log cabin that housed Jasper Junction is where Dollar General is considering putting a new store. 


     County officials have confirmed that Dollar General is looking at a store site at the corner of Grandview Road and Cove Road, and that preliminary conceptual drawings have been shown to county officials.  
    But Norman Pope, county public information officer, said these conceptual drawings are unofficial, and that no permits for construction have been applied for or obtained. He said the county will become more involved when site plans are formally submitted.
   For full story see this week's print or online editions.

progress square


pinto colvig
+7 #21 pinto colvig 2015-09-23 11:24
Quoting Big Frank:
If a duly-operating legal company seeks to purchase property and establish a business that meets with the general values of a community, they should be encouraged to do so in the interest of commerce and the general well-being of all members of the community.
And if a property owners seeks to sell their property at a price they see as advantageous to their livelihood with no coercive pressure, they should not be restrained.
And that boys and girls is how America works.

thank you, Captain Obvious. Hey did you hear that gravity makes things fall down instead of up?
Big Frank
-5 #22 Big Frank 2015-09-27 08:41
You got to get with the program, son. I'm sure there will be a job for you at the Dollar General. As the great helmsman Deng Xiaoping says, "To make money is glorious." Nothing better. Hell if you make enough, you could move over to Big Canoe.
It's the American way, look at that nut running for president with a haircut like an orangutang - he done alright for himself. You will to. Money talks and tree huggers walk -- around the trees I suppose.

Even luke Skywalker, started out just looking to sell some droids.

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