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Local stray “Ace” finds work in law enforcement

ACEAnimalShelter “Ace” the Beagle mix as he leaves the local animal shelter to join the U.S. Department of Agriculture program where he is training as a drug detector.
    “Ace” the Beagle, has found his way from a Pickens County stray to work as a drug detector with the United States Department of Agriculture.
    When Pickens Animal Shelter Director Phillip Tippens was called to pick up a stray dog outside of Garner Ace Hardware on East Church Street this summer little did he know the Beagle mix would wind up in law enforcement.

    “The folks at Garner Ace kept him out of the road until I could get there and then we brought him into the shelter and cleaned him up,” Tippens said. “He needed some groceries so we put some weight on him.”
    No one claimed Ace, aptly named after the store where he was found, and he was eventually placed for adoption. Shelter employees were able to get Ace on a U.S. Department of Agriculture program that trains dogs to sniff out drugs. With Ace’s Beagle pedigree, he was a perfect fit.
    “They like Beagles because they have a real keen sense of smell. He’s in training now and he will be used in airports or at border crossings,” Tippens said. “I feel good about it because I know wherever he goes he will be well taken care of and loved. It’s a good ending for him.”