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Georgianna residents petition city hall for speed bumps

georgianna-street-traffic 9861    There are multiple signs along Georgianna Street cautioning motorists to slow down, but residents say it's not enough to keep them from speeding along long stretches like the one above.

     Residents along Georgianna Street in Jasper have presented a petition to city hall asking that “low rise speed bumps” be installed when their road is repaved under current plans.

    Tom Wentworth, a spokesman for those signing the petition, said their petition with most of the neighborhood homeowners and renters signatures had been turned in to Jasper City Hall. He said Mayor John Weaver had been appreciative of their efforts and said they would increase police patrols. Speeding problems, documented with citations, would be needed before the city would look at the speed bumps, the mayor said according to Wentworth.
    The particular problem on Georgianna is that it intersects with East Church Street about the point that traffic starts backing up from the traffic light at the intersection with Burnt Mountain Road.
    “Without any doubt, [Georgianna] is a tremendously good shortcut, cutting out traffic lights,” Wentworth said.
    To compound the problem, nearby Elizabeth Street already has speed bumps diverting all cut-through traffic to Georgianna.
    “All that traffic comes over here,” he said. “Any way you look at it we are getting residue from the main highway and the road is not built for the volume.”
    Wentworth said both the traffic congestion and speed are horrendous and will get worse when the scheduled repaving of the road is complete.