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34 annual creative writing contest for youth

Sponsored by Sassafras Literary Exchange
Who Can Enter?
All middle and high school level students who live in and are educated in Pickens County are eligible to enter.

Theme for this year's contest:  Rock On!

Writing Categories
Middle School Poetry
Middle School Fiction
Middle School Nonfiction
High School Poetry
High School Fiction
High School Nonfiction

First place, Second place, Third place and honorable mention in each category.

    Each student may submit one entry in each category: Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction.
    Put the title of the story or poem at the top of the story or poem. Also indicate grade level on the work.
    Do not put the student's name on the story or poem.
    The word limit is 1500 words for Fiction and Nonfiction; 50 lines maximum for Poetry.
    Entries should be typed, double spaced in a standard font.  Fanciful fonts and graphics generally detract from the entry.
    Complete and staple a separate entry form to each entry.  The form must be folded so that the author's name cannot be seen on the outside.    
    Entrants should keep an electronic copy of their entries on file.
    Submit entry with form attached no later than Wednesday, September 30th to your Language Arts teacher or school contact.
    The Creative Writing Contest for Youth sponsored by the Sassafras Literary Exchange is now underway.  The contest,  in it's thirty-fourth year, began on Tuesday, Sept. 1 and ends on Wednesday, Sept. 30.  It is open to any student living and being educated in Pickens County who attend middle or high school.  This includes students in public, private or home school programs.
    Although prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place, it is hoped that students will look upon this contest as both a challenge and an opportunity.  Many of today's youth feel that no one in the adult world listens to them.  You can rest assured that the Sassafras judges read each and every submission carefully.
    Everyone, young or old or in between has a story to tell.  But not everyone can tell a story, at least not well.  Sassafras has a theme for this year's contest.  But a theme is just a point of departure, a place to begin.  A story, poem or essay can lead off in any direction.  This year's theme will hopefully give students a bit of inspiration to hit the keyboard.  This year's theme is: “Rock On!”
    Students, let's here from you.  And be sure to follow the instructions for the entry forms.