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New Pickens service club being formed

service-group“Families Serving Families” is the motto of this new service club forming with 40 members bringing a wealth of experience helping with community.


 Submitted by Pickens Community Service Club Board of Directors

Approximately 40 Pickens County citizens are uniting to create a new club dedicated to providing needed services for residents of this area.  The group currently operates under the name Pickens Community Service Club.  

The membership of this organization has about 250 years of experience working toward improving conditions in Pickens County and for Pickens County people. Most of that experience was gained through participation in Lions and LEO clubs.  

Within the new club, experience is evident; the role of servant is apparent; the desire to be of help dominates.

The current membership of the Club spans an age range from early twenties, to mid-eighties.  Probably a third of the membership is below thirty-five years of age.  

The youngest participant, Codey Jackson, will be three months old on August 31st.  Codey attends meetings and projects with his parents, CJ and Brittney Jackson, both former active LEO Club members. 

A strong internal emphasis is placed on family unity in the Club.  Several children take part with parents and other relatives.  The membership has both females and males in numbers adequate to the labor needs for most projects.

The Pickens Community Service Club meets on second and fourth Thursday evenings at seven o’clock pm in the Pickens Room downstairs in the Pickens County Administration Building at 1266 East Church Street.  

The Club’s Mission Statement says, “The mission of the Pickens Community Service Club is to serve individuals and families in and around our community.” 

The motto is “Families Serving Families.”  

Officers currently serving include President, Melanie Effler; 1st Vice-President, Nancy Maddox; 2nd Vice-President, Tony Pishnery; Secretary, Darlene Handy; Treasurer, Tammy Williams; Directors, Cheryl Sams, Gerald Wade, Pam Lyon, and Linda Cochran; Membership Chair, Lawton Baggs; Finance Chair, Gerald Wade; Property Manager, Mark Maddox; and Club Humorist, Jerry Tyson.


Projects undertaken 

or planned include:


  • A successful yard sale fundraiser in Talking Rock on August 1st,

    •  participating in the effort by Jasper Elementary School PTO to raise funds for playground equipment on August 22nd,

    • assisting in opening CARES, the Community Food Pantry, twice monthly in the evening to serve clients unable to attend during regular daytime hours of operation,

   • a yard sale fundraiser on October 3rd, 

     • assisting with an ACES barbecue chicken fundraiser on October 23rd, 

a Thanksgiving outreach event,

     assist with the Pickens Sheriff’s Auxiliary Emergency Shelter

 • assisting with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Jeep Fest September 4th – 6th, 

  • food vendor at the Talking Rock Heritage Days October 17th-18th, and

 •  other projects to meet community needs that may arise.


The Club is releasing this information to:

  • inform the community of its existence,

  • offer the opportunity for membership to any interested persons/families.  For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Lawton Baggs, Membership Chair at 706-692-6598.

    • offer assistance to any worthy community project being developed.  You may contact any officer listed above to seek that assistance.


Together, the Pickens Community Service Club, other civic organizations, and interested individuals can continually improve this community in which we all live.

The Club asks, “How can WE SERVE?”