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Juntiques wins auto raffle


Staff reports

    Junktiques, an antique store on Highway 515, held the winning ticket on the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce auto raffle Saturday.
    Store owners, Marilyn Pitts and J.R. McCarthy opted for the $20,000 cash option, presented Monday at their store. Presenting them the check are Lexi Hardman and Regina Camp from the chamber of commerce (pictured above).

    The consolation prize of $500 went to Jennifer Galligan (pictured left), who shows her disappointment at hearing her ticket called for second place.
     In an odd coincidence, the store owners were not at the event held for the first time at Rocco’s. They were among the few ticket holders not present. An unexpected doubling of the yearly crowd flooded the venue. Each of the 500 tickets entitles the holder to two dinners but usually less than half the ticket holders attend.
    Chamber president Denise Duncan attributed the sudden popularity of the longstanding yearly event to the move to the new venue. Unfortunately, the spike in attendance created problems with seating and food service.
    “There is no way we could have known that the move would see our yearly attendance double,” Duncan said. She thanked the staff at Rocco’s, the chamber staff and volunteers for doing everything they could to accommodate the crowd. She also thanked those who attended and were patient with the overcrowded conditions.
    Duncan said they had moved the event from the chamber building, which seated only 250 to Rocco’s where with the back decks, plus tent outside, accommodates 400. Next year, Duncan said they are planning to relocate again -- to another venue capable of handling a larger crowd.


+1 #1 TOO HOT 2015-08-27 19:23
Who. ever planned that event has lost their mind. Anybody who would serve Mexican to big crowd who were burning up. Lot of people do not care for that food never mind that they were not served for 2 to 3 hours. They might tell themselves everything went great but they were not outside under the tents where everybody was mad. Why not use chamber building?? POOR PLANNING!!!!!!!
Reality check
0 #2 Reality check 2015-08-28 10:31
Congratulations to the winner. That's an incredible return on your $100.00 investment. Remember to lay aside 1/3 for the tax man, however.

Why do events have to continually take place at this BAR? People think it is a good idea for families to gather at a place with beer, bouncers, drunks, and everything will be ok. What is this saying to our younger generation? Well, it says that bars are a cool, happening place to be for fun. Forget that the man that rolled over his car and killed his bride hung out there while out on bond. Forget about all the DUIs that happen from people leaving that nasty place. If they have bouncers, that means people are always out of control there. What a nightmare it had to have been for all those in attendence for this raffle. They admitted the service was terrible, the staff overwhelmed, etc.

Next time, think about our youngsters and those of us that avoid such places of ill repute. Might we have these family-filled events at a more conducive venue? People, use your brains for once!

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