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FY 16 budget, SPLOST, athletics, enrollment numbers all tackled at massive school board meeting


     Both property and sales taxes were tackled by the school board in a mammoth meeting Thursday lasting four hours.
    The Pickens Board of Education (BOE) approved a tentative budget that will hold property taxes flat for the next year, with a millage rate of 16.1. This is the same tax rate used since 2012.

     See this week's print or online editions for the full story.



Super Ape
+4 #1 Super Ape 2015-08-21 10:57
How about a decrease in the taxes?
The schools have been saying for years their enrollment is jumping, but that is simply not the case. As I looked over the figures it looks like they are up less than 400, maybe only about 150 from last year, and with more than 4500 total students, this is less than 10 percent. More accurate to say a slight rise or maybe even status student numbers over the past decade.
+4 #2 kitty 2015-08-21 15:21
Again, I want to know WHY we need a new school at a cost of $20,000,000+--- I am not getting any answers!
-4 #3 Skip 2015-08-25 08:01
Quoting kitty:
Again, I want to know WHY we need a new school at a cost of $20,000,000+---I am not getting any answers!

Who have you asked? While I would also question the necessity of it right now, one thing to keep in mind is that JMS is an old building. That in and of itself is no reason to build new, but it appears one of the considerations is the cost of maintenance. Also, it appears that it is reaching capacity as far as occupancy goes, though in fairness I have not verified that.
Mister Mister
-3 #4 Mister Mister 2015-08-25 15:02
The last time I was in JMS it appeared to have had a lot of deferred maintenance issues, to do a extensive remodel as well as displacing students might seem a foolish cost. I'd rather remodel PMS to 1400 capacity, and use JMS as a welcome center "expansion" of Lee Newton But reason doesn't play well..

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