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Miss Georgia Marble celebrates 20 years

Register by August 28. Event September 12.


    Bethany Salem Volunteer Fire Department is excited to announce the 20th annual “Miss Georgia Marble” Beauty Pageant to be held on Saturday, September 12 at the Pickens County High School Auditorium at noon.    
    There will be a “Queen” and two alternates chosen from the usual age divisions. The divisions are as follows:

Age    Division    0-11 Months    Baby Miss 
No Jewelry*
1 Year Olds    Tiny Miss
No Jewelry*
2 Year Olds    Toddler Miss
No Jewelry*
3-4 Year Olds    Petite Miss
Limited Jewelry
5-6 Year Olds    Little Miss
Limited Jewelry
7-9 Year Olds    Young Miss
Limited Jewelry
10-13 Yr. Olds    Junior Miss   
Jewelry Allowed
14-15 Yr. Olds    Teen Miss   
Jewelry Allowed
16-18 Yr. Olds    Miss Ga. Marble
Jewelry Allowed

*Small studs “only” will be allowed for those participants with “pierced” ears age 2 and under. 
*Cosmetic Make-Up is not allowed on participants age 2 and under. 
    Miss Photogenic – In addition to the “Pageant” competition, you are also eligible to compete for the title of “Miss Photogenic”.  This will be an award for your special photograph that you submit to be selected as being the most “photogenic” by our judges.  The winner will receive a beautiful “custom made” trophy!  There will be one winner for each division.
    Queens – The “Queen” in each age division will receive a lovely “wrap-around” banner, an elegant rhinestone “tiara”, a beautiful custom-made ”trophy”, two tickets to the Georgia Marble Festival and Cash!!  
    Alternates – There will be “two” alternates (2nd and 3rd place) selected from each age division.  Each alternate will receive a custom-made “trophy” varying in size according to award and a wrap-around “banner”.
    Overall Winner – There will be one “Overall Winner” selected from all the contestants from Age-3 up to Age-18.  This award will be presented to the contestant who obtains the “highest combined score” from participating in “both” the Pageant and Miss Photogenic competition.  You must compete in the Miss Photogenic competition to be eligible! The overall Winner will receive a trophy and a Cash Award!
    Additional Awards – There will be additional awards presented to contestants in each division for Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Eyes and Prettiest Smile. 
    People’s Choice Award  - There will be a “people’s choice” award for each division. The contestant who wins the most votes will receive a trophy. There will be a table at the pageant for votes; $1 = 1 vote.
    Everyone’s a Winner! – Because we feel “you” are special, every girl participating in the pageant is already a winner!  Every contestant will receive a trophy to take home!  No one goes home empty handed!!!
    Rehearsal – There will be a rehearsal and late registration Thursday, September 10 beginning at 6:30 p.m. with the youngest age groups up to 4 years old.  Girls older than 4 begins at 7:30 p.m. The rehearsal location will be at the Pickens County Community Center.  Watch our web site for any additional details.
    Marble Festival Parade – Arrangements will be made for the “Queen” of each division to enter the Georgia Marble Festival Parade, on the morning of October 5. This is Jasper’s largest annual parade that will roll down Main Street.     Entry Fee – The fee to enter the pageant is as follows: 
Pageant:      $85
Miss Photogenic     $10
Late Fee (after August 28, 2015) $10
    How to Register – Complete the registration form and submit it along with the entry fee.  There will be an additional fee of $10 for entries received later than August 28, 2015.  We need to know if you are participating prior to this date, if possible, for ordering trophies.
    Early Entries – We will have two “random” drawings. One will be at the beginning of the pageant for all the early entrants in the first five age groups.  This drawing will consist of all the entries received by the August 28  deadline.  There will be a second “random” drawing for the remaining age groups for the same award.  These entries must be in our possession on the “early entry” deadline, August 28 to be eligible for the drawings.  The winners of the drawing will receive $25 cash!  So, please mail your registration in early so you can be a part of this fabulous event.
    Late Registration – Thursday, September 10  from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Rehearsal.  There will be a $10 late fee for all registrations received after August 28. The location of the rehearsal will be at the Pickens County Community Center.  
    Although only one girl can be a winning “Queen”, each girl is a winner and we ask that parents help us in making them feel like winners!  Our judges are “professional” people with various pageant/modeling experiences and reside outside Pickens County. 
    All proceeds and donations from this event go to the benefit of the Bethany-Salem Volunteer Fire Department.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated.
    Additional Information – Registrations forms can be obtained at the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce building across from Jasper Middle School or you can obtain a “printable copy” by visiting our web site at or