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Moto Mountain Park closed for film production



     This sign is posted on the door of Motorcycle Bob's in west Pickens. 

         If you get gas or snacks at Motorcycle Bob’s or off road at Moto Mountain Park you’ll have to wait, because they’re both closed while Warner Brothers films on the west Pickens property, according to a sign on the door. 

A hand-written sign on the door of Motorcycle Bob’s convenience store/restaurant on Highway 53 - the same place ATV riders register to use the Moto Mountain Park - says they will reopen on September

12 after filming is complete. 

The Progress contacted Moto Mountain owner C.B. Jones to inquire about the Warner Brothers film, but Jones said he is under a gag order and cannot provide details at this time. 

Moto Mountain Park is in a secluded  area in far west Pickens. The park features off-road trails, ziplining, and sky cabins.  




Joseph Bellinger
-5 #1 Joseph Bellinger 2015-12-03 05:54
Will you reopen??
Charlire Brown
-4 #2 Charlire Brown 2015-12-05 20:30
Hey Joe B.

Did you have a question ???
Andrew Eklind
0 #3 Andrew Eklind 2016-03-28 13:34
I heard they are selling the place? It would be nice if someone that planned on taking care of the tracks would buy it.

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