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Shots fired at RaceTrac in wild early morning scene


 The rear window of this car was shot out in an early morning altercation at the RaceTrac. Photo/Jessica Fowler

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   A wild early morning scene unfolded at Racetrac Tuesday when the driver of a maroon Lexus fired several shots from a shotgun at another vehicle carrying an infant among the passengers.

   Amazingly, no one was injured and investigators have already identified the suspect.

   One witness at the gas pumps, Jessica Fowler, told the Progress she saw the cars chase each other around the busy convenience store parking lot while the driver in the Lexus, an older male, had a gun out the window. The driver fired at the vehicle whose passengers included two men, one woman and an infant.

      She said all the passengers in the car crouched down except the driver. One of the shots shattered the back window of the victims’ car. Fowler said the man yelled some obscenities and “you don’t know who you are messing with” before driving off.

     The witness said the shooter might have driven off after realizing the number of witnesses on cell phones calling 911.

      Jasper Police Chief Greg Lovell said they already have the suspect identified and are working with the Pickens sheriff on a joint investigation. He said there are conflicting statements among the victims about where the shooting began, with the episode stretching from Tate and the rolling altercation proceeding to Racetrac.

            The passengers in the car told the witness that they were trying to get to a crowded public place.


pinto colvig
+2 #11 pinto colvig 2015-07-17 13:14
Quoting Reality check:
I'm legally armed and will defend myself whenever anyone threatens force, fist or otherwise, against me.

most Americans who talk like that wouldn't squash a bug even if it was trying to bite them. this kind of tough talk transparently lacking any intent for action is yet another reason the weak get picked on in this country
Stupid people
+7 #12 Stupid people 2015-07-17 16:14
Reality check -

Nope, he had no reason to be shooting at them.
They did nothing wrong. The man who done it
Has been in jail before for the same thing!
It's people like him who shouldn't have a gun..
The man is a crazy man, and wasn't even suppose
To have a gun period..

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