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County out third planning and development director in under a year

Pickens County Seal    While he would not release details at this time, Pickens Commission Chair Rob Jones confirmed Monday, July 6 that Alberto Torres is no longer employed by the county as planning and development director.  

     See this week's online or print edition for full story.



Mister Mister
0 #1 Mister Mister 2015-07-08 10:32
Perhaps the county should hire a professional HR and County Manager that knows how to select qualified and trained staff, instead of hangers ons that have limited skills.I hope for Mr. Jones's sake he matures into his role, because after 12 years very slight or negligible improvement in the way the county is operating. Let's hope a real business or experienced government employee from another county runs for chair. THIS COUNTY can't afford 4 more years of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul management.
+7 #2 SadSak 2015-07-09 11:41
Re: Mister Mister

While Rob Jones perhaps may not be the greates,t but he sure beats most of what Pickens had for many years before.
So far he hasn't left the taxpayer$ with another surprise .$2 million state patrol office
Mister Mister
-3 #3 Mister Mister 2015-07-15 09:56
No state patrol post, but a tax increase every year because he can't grow the tax base, for years failing to admit that the county had a budget crisis and still stuck by a clueless finance director, a recreation center that we really didn't need, adding new expenses by constitutional officers that can't budget out of a paper bag. Continual poor hiring decisions that put the county in a less than good light. A bit stubborn in dealing with other political leaders, where cooperation might improve citizen options and opportunities. Antiquated management processes. Makes rash decisions.

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