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Students invoke inner superhero at library

library-superheroes-portraits By Laiken Owens

 Intern Reporter


      As a part of the library’s summer reading program children got to use their imagination to draw superhero self-portraits.   

     The craft was last Tuesday, led by Shanda McClonske. The craft allowed participants to be creative and use their imagination. Two of the participants were a father-son duo, Brent and Cade Turbeville, who were happy to both participate in the craft.

      Some superheroes resembled ones that already existed and others were completely new creations. They could make their portrait a robot hero, a masked hero or even a villain if they wanted.

      The craft went with the summer reading program’s theme, “Every hero has a story.” Other kids who participated were Sawyer Ray, 5, Cason Kendrick, 8, Henry Tanner, 6, Coleman Winn, 8, Camden Winn, 6, and Clay Winn, 4.

      The next event at the library will be the fire safety clowns on Thursday, June 18 at 3p.m.