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Pickens mom creates anti-bullying group

bullying 3078    Bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, from mild teasing to more serious acts of physical violence.
    In the most severe cases - stories that garner national attention - victims of bullying are so traumatized they go to extreme measures, sometimes taking their own life.

    Now one Pickens mom says she can’t sit by and watch kids suffer from the sidelines. She’s taking the issue head on by forming a local anti-bullying group meant to provide victims and parents with tools to handle a problem, which she believes is pervasive in schools.
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Pintos sister
-3 #1 Pintos sister 2015-06-11 13:52
I think it's important to keep this in perspective. Like if you are punching people in the mouth, then that's totally uncool. But if you are only like helping someone by pointing out that they should lose some weight or no guy will ever want to do them, then like that is totally fine. Because you know it's like so awkward to see people who just don't look good.
Le Phan Thien Chi
0 #2 Le Phan Thien Chi 2015-06-16 06:53
She is a strong woman. I think nobody in the world can do like her.

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