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Antioch gravestones vandalized

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This grave marker suffered the most damage, being broken in half from the impact of the vehicle that investigators say rammed it intentionally.

“It’s hard to apply logic to someone clearly not acting out of logic,” said Sheriff spokesman Kris Stancil Monday when asked what motive might lead someone to ram gravestones with a vehicle at a country church cemetery.

Six different graves were damaged: one broken in half, another two or three stone markers heavily damaged and turned over and another two also damaged somewhat Saturday night at the Antioch Church cemetery.

Stancil said investigators found burgundy paint on the stone markers. Based on  the tire tracks the destruction was caused by someone in a truck, say investigators.

“We believe it was a burgundy truck, but that is about all we have to go on,” said Stancil. It also is thought the crime was committed by someone local. It would be unlikely that someone from outside would find the spot and then decide to do the damage.

Stancil said there was no connection among the graves targeted but they are not the ones nearest the road. He said whoever did this had to drive down the paved path through the cemetery and then maneuver their vehicle into position to hit them.

Investigators said it is clear this was not caused by accident or someone losing control of a vehicle. 

“It appears to be intentional property destruction,” Stancil said.

The sheriff has increased patrols around the many other isolated cemeteries in the county and is asking the public to immediately call 911 if they see anything suspicious at a cemetery.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the sheriff’s criminal investigation division at 706-253-8935.