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Cherokee sheriff seeks help identifying man suspected of luring child


     A composite sketch of a man suspected of attempting to lure a child into his car.

     Cherokee Sheriff’s deputies responded to an address off Charles Road in Canton Sunday night in reference to suspicious activity that occurred on Stover Drive in Canton earlier that day. A 9-year old girl told deputies at approximately 7 p.m. she was riding her bicycle near the end of Stover Drive when a

vehicle pulled up next to her with two Hispanic males in the front seats. The girl told deputies the driver, who had a mohawk, asked “do you want to get in the car and go to a place?” The girl told the man “no” and they drove away. The girl described the men as muscular, black hair and black shirts. She stated the vehicle was a black and red sedan with rust on it.
     Two other residents observed a similar car with two Hispanics inside driving on Stover Drive at approximately the same time. They described the vehicle as a mid-80’s Toyota Camry. Their description of the vehicle was gray or blue with rust and blemishes. Stover Drive is a dead end drive that has very little traffic and according to the witnesses no Hispanics with that description live in the area.
     Cherokee Sheriff’s detectives used an artist to create a composite drawing of the suspect driver this afternoon. If anyone recognizes the suspect or has any additional information related to this incident they are urged to call investigators at 770-928-0239.