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Improv at Tater Patch this Saturday


       After drawing steady numbers and solid laughs with their first Improv night, the Tater Patch Players are gearing up for a second helping of knee-slapping humor, Saturday.

A Night of Laughs returns April 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Tater Patch theater on Philadelphia Lane. Tickets are $5 at the door. The concession stand will be open.

Improv is a comedy form that stems from improvising skits on the spur of the moment and the comedy comes when actors toss out their best efforts to keep a sketch moving.

There are no set pieces, instead the audience-participation performance relies on games, suggestions from the crowd and other Improv staples conducted by the host. Both physical and verbal humor is used. 

Anyone attending is welcome to watch or participate. At the first Tater Patch Improv, everyone who wanted to participate got a chance to get on stage.

But no fear, no one is left to squirm too long as the evening moves fast under the direction of experienced Improv show master Teresa Harris, who will be back again.

And for someone just looking for a good chuckle from their neighbors, and no desire to get on stage, there is no arm twisting.

In the first Night of Laughs, a few regular Tater Patch actors rubbed elbows on stage with members of the community including lawyers, sheriff office employees and this newspaper editor.

From my experience, it is a little intimidating if you have absolutely no acting experience (or skill) but like many things: When there are a bunch of other people trying something for the first time, it really takes the pressure off.

And, it’s one of those things where the worse you are, the more laughs you’ll probably get.

Further rest assured, no one is critiquing, it’s all fun.

In fact, Tater Patch director Nan Nawrocki said, “The thing I enjoyed most was that so many folks got up and fearlessly performed.  Most of them were not regular Tater Patch Players actors --  just folks who wanted to have fun.”

For more information see The show is suggested for adults only. In round one, there were a few R-rated jokes or comments but nothing too shocking.