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Ammunition leads to lock down at JMS, but all clear after search


    The empty hallway of Jasper Middle School after the campus was put on lock-down. Ammunition was found in a bathroom of the school on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Principal, Sheriff discuss lockdown in today's Progress and e-edition 

Sheriff department press release

Earlier today (Tuesday), some ammunition was located inside one of the student bathrooms at Jasper Middle School. A student immediately notified school officials and a decision was made to implement all safety precautions. These procedures included locking down the school campus and calling in law enforcement to investigate.
The Pickens Sheriff’s Office joined with Board of Education personnel, the Jasper Police Department, the Georgia State Patrol, and the Jasper Fire Department to check the school. In addition, a K-9 unit from the Woodstock Police Department was contacted and responded to assist in searching the school. This unit specializes in locating any form of explosive, similar to that found in ammunition.
A thorough search of the school was made in addition to checking each student. Law enforcement officers did not locate any items of concern.
As a precaution, an alert message was sent to all parents of JMS students notifying them of the incident and advising that students could be picked up. The investigation into how the ammunition was placed in the bathroom is ongoing and is being conducted by Pickens Sheriff’s Office Detectives and JMS staff. 



mark max
+6 #11 mark max 2013-01-11 10:40
Cont- also the parents complaining about not being able to pick up their kids....just what do you think "lock down" means??? Ask yourself this....if you can get into the school during a lock down, so can someone with a gun. The whole point of a lock down is once again to PROTECT the kids and if you are going to complain about that, then your priorities are severely messed up!!! Every parent who had a child there was worried about their child, but to run up to the door and demand to be let in to get your child takes the focus from the search and protecting the children to dealing with your irrational behavior! While the staff and Law Enforcement are trying to get you to calm down they are not paying attention to what needs to be done, which is...... PROTECTING the kids. The sooner you let them do what needs to be done, the sooner you can pick up little Johnny and continue thinking that no other child deserves to be as safe as him.
+1 #12 PR 2013-01-11 12:03

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