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Soccerfest Friday at Roper Park


The Pickens Rec. Department and Mountain City Soccer will sponsor a soccerfest event to build interest in the sport among youth this Friday at Roper Park.

“SoccerFest is a collaboration of the Rec. Dept. and people that have a passion for the sport,” said one organizer.  “The main goal of this event is to introduce the sport to our local youth and have them gain an interest in playing.”

Events that day include free tee shirts, penalty kick challenges, door prizes and a mass soccer game with 20 balls at one time.

Players can sign up for Fall Soccer at the event.

Organizers will also work on a developing club team that is being introduced as "Mountain City Soccer.”  This club will give the older kids an opportunity to play at a higher level and play teams outside the county.

The event is scheduled for Friday July, 15th, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Soccer has become a great sport for to help keep kids physically fit and encourage good social skills, goal setting, problem solving, making great friends and having the satisfaction of achievement (not to mention having fun).  Sports can teach individuals a lot about life.  Soccer has a lot to offer to help build character and confidence,” say the organizers.