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Kudos to commissioners for bold move

The Pickens County Board of Commissioners, and especially commissioner Becky Denney who led the charge, deserves a pat on the back for making a definitive move to clear up the public debacle that has been the “termination” of Gerry Nechvatal as Pickens County Economic Development Director. 

We put termination in quotation marks because it has been unclear as to whether or not his dismissal was legal - and what ensued after he was “dismissed” was an embarrassing public spectacle that went on for nearly two months. 

If you haven’t been following along we’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version: Nechvatal was dismissed by the Pickens County and Jasper Economic Development Council (EDC) in late January, but Nechvatal, members of the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce (Nechvatal was appointed by the same council to serve as Pickens County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director in 2016 and has served in both positions since) as well as members of the public say the EDC’s bylaws did not grant them that authority. It was argued that the EDC only had authority to make a recommendation for termination to the entities that fund the economic director position - the city of Jasper and Pickens County government. 

EDC representatives have maintained that they were within their rights to dismiss Nechvatal, who one EDC member said had a “pitiful” review and who Jasper Mayor John Weaver said was “impossible to fire.” Nechvatal maintained that he was not hired by the EDC, but that a citizens’ group hired him before EDC bylaws were created. There are also issues with the changes made to the EDC bylaws in 2016 which Nechvatal and others say invalidate the termination.  

And so it has gone, back and forth for well over a month with no resolution in sight. At the most recent Jasper City Council meeting council member Tony Fountain motioned to stop funding the position completely, which was not backed by the rest of council. 

We think the county cleared the issue up in the best and most common-sense way possible – Denney asked that the county continue funding the position, but requested it be put in escrow until a new person can be hired as economic development director. She said she felt the position was needed, but that it is full-time and should not be held by the same person employed as the Chamber’s executive director, also a full-time job. Several members of the EDC who initially supported the joint developer/chamber director role, said with the termination, they no longer had that view, believing the positions should be separate.

We agree wholeheartedly. We also agree with Nechvatal supporters who say his dismissal has been politicized and handled distastefully.   

Like Denney and other commissioners, we hope that by separating those two roles, an economic development director will be found to move the county forward in a way residents and leaders want to see.