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Spring potpourri

• It was disheartening to see the Save-A-Lot shutter its doors in Jasper over the weekend. Any way you slice it, the closure bodes poorly for the south end of town. While businesses come and go, there has been a sour trend for smaller grocers here with the Blue Star, followed by the Piggly Wiggly and now the Save-A-Lot closing. Perhaps they just couldn’t compete with the more modern, larger chain rivals like Ingles, Kroger and Walmart grocery stores?

It does seem south Jasper has been bypassed ever since a fire forced the relocation of the Dairy Queen -- could have been a bad omen that no one saw.

A huge spark for the business atmosphere there may be on the horizon as reporting indicates that the VA clinic is truly coming – albeit slowly. Here’s hoping the VA not only serves a great number of veterans by providing solid  healthcare close to home, but it also gives a boost the businesses surrounding its location.

• On the gun debate the first question that everyone needs to ask: Is the status quo acceptable? Not only with the highly-publicized, though still relatively rare school shootings - but for routine gun violence: robberies, domestic assaults, suicides -  are we satisfied with where the nation is now? If the public believes something must be done, then let’s look at it from every angle – mental health, gun laws, privacy laws and civil liberties. If we can put a man on the moon and fight terrorists around the globe, our nation can come up with something to keep kids safe in school and people of all ages safe at concerts and in the streets.


• The first sign of spring are blooming March flowers; the second sign are events popping up almost as fast. Lots of events, all kinds of events – eating events, exercising events, fundraisers, school events, church events, events to promote this and support that all vying for a small population. The main rush of events don’t really hit until April and May.

We would ask two things for the planners and public. First, don’t swamp the small portion of the people that actually get out and do things by loading up several events on the same weekend. If you know a Kids Fishing Day is already announced, your group doesn’t need to have a petting zoo, bounce house day at the same time. Please keep your eyes out on what the other groups here are doing.

Second, to the fickle public, go support some of these groups. It is tough to tear yourself away from finishing that hedge-trimming or heading to the lake, but keep in mind that these groups are holding fundraisers for a reason. Attending these events is the very essence of community and what it means to live in a small town. We don’t expect people to give up all their weekends, but surely we can get to some of the events.

• The Georgia counties of Sumter, Oconee, Candler, Crisp, County, and Jeff Davis along with Athens-Clarke combined and the Candler County Hospital Authority have all filed suit against the companies that make and distribute opioids.

The Cherokee Nation has filed a similar suit on the tribal level, along with more than 400 plaintiffs at the federal level, seeking to make drug companies and distributors pay for the costs of the opioid crisis.

The lead attorney in the Georgia counties’ suits, Patrick Garrard, said the counties are trying to recoup expenses that were caused by unethical selling of opioids by more than 20 companies.

The suit alleges the companies misrepresented the addictive nature of opioids, encouraged over-prescription while ignoring the growing number of pills given to some patients when any reasonable person would have known something was not right. 

We  encourage Pickens County to join that list. These companies made millions on the sale of opioids. It’s fair to expect these medical robber-barons to pay for the some of the financial costs they inflicted on society – though there will be no recovery of the thousands of destroyed and derailed lives. 


  • Finally to end on a high note, in case you didn’t notice the weather last weekend was textbook perfect. Cool enough to work outside in shorts but not get sweaty. We don’t get many weekends like that so enjoy them when you can.