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Good turnouts - good things

This weekend saw surprisingly large turnouts at two events in Jasper.

Around 1,100 kids and families turned out to the Back to School Bash in Lee Newton Park, hosted by Revolution Church on Saturday.

Then 300-400 came through the Cornbread Reunion arts event the same day at the greenspace on the corner of Main and Spring streets in downtown.

Inflatable slides and bounce houses are a surefire draw (just try driving by if you have kids in the car), but 1,000 people is huge for any local event. By all accounts the new church coming to town (site with sign on North Main) gave these families a great way to wind down summer, and for free. Free entertainment for kids of working families is something to be applauded.

We are actually less surprised by the turnout in the park than the turnout for the arts. It’s been a long time since 300 people turned up at any arts event. And the success of this event sponsored by PACA bucks the trend of declining (to be honest non-existent) interest in the arts here.

Before this a one/two punch of Jasper’s ArtFest ending, then the closing of the Sharptop Arts Center (the cornerstone for local arts for many years) left a dismal appraisal of the future of arts as viable community events.

One gathering boasting a strong turnout, selling out of the namesake cornbread, does not necessarily signal the time is ripe for the arts to resurface, but it’s surely a step in the right direction.

We hope the community will take notice of both these events, which civic/church obligations aside, were fun. At the church event, kids got to run and play and parents got to relax. At the arts event, there was a bunch of socializing that lived up to the reunion portion of the name and live music, plus painting activities for youngsters. There was also a chance to see works by local artists and for them to sell some of their works.

Community events are one of the perks of living in a small town: the chance to shake hands with your neighbors and find out what they have been up-to. They are also one of the foundations of democracy: the chance to assemble with your neighbors and get a pulse on how the rest of the people are feeling.

As a comparison, two members of the staff visited the metro area for an event on Sunday which featured difficult traffic, a long walk after paying $15 for the nearest parking space, $12 beverages and concerns of security leaving the event after dark. Needless to say they didn’t have the chance to talk to any neighbors there.

It’s fun to go to the big city for an outing occasionally, but it’s also enjoyable to be a spectator at local events which are completely hassle free.

If you missed the events of the last weekend, don’t worry, fall in Pickens County is thick with opportunities. Talking Rock Heritage Days, Tate Days, the Marble Festival, plus numerous smaller happenings in town and, of course, there is high school football.  

At their Wild Game Dinner, Jasper Methodist Preacher Greg Meadows talked about how lucky we are to have a single high school so we can all cheer for the same team and that’s what community bonds are all about.