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Life Coach offers advice - On 15-year-olds dating 20-year-olds; handling religious e-mails


Pickens County Budget Meetings, October 21-23. Be There. By Joe Kelly



The Biggest Mistakes Parents Make - By National Parenting expert and author John Rosemond.






Why We’re Still Working To Stop Obamacare -- By Rep. Tom Graves and Rep. Doug Collins



An Affront to the Constitution Right in Our Backyard -- A member of discusses some frightening emergency powers that a county government can invoke.


A firsthand look at helping the people of Africa -- A retired Peace Corps volunteer now living in Talking Rock discusses the role of sending aid to Africa.


Pondering the Trials of Summer Gardening --I no longer scoff at the idea of a $64 tomato. By Lynn Turner



The Curse of the Grand Dogs? -- Along with the grandchildren come the dogs. By David Altman.


Thoughts from a BRAG Cyclist -- Progress Contributor ponders pedaling.


Is Your Senior Heading to College? No? Maybe?- Life Coach Vicki Roberts offers advice for parents and students deciding what will follow high school.

Film Production in Pickens County Economic Blockbuster or Flop? - Pickens County Economic Development Director Gerry Nechvatal discusses impact of Eastwood film coming to Pickens.

My thoughts on the retail vacancies in Jasper - Downtown Merchant Royce Hayley says high rents are hampering business here.

Reaching the "New Normal" - Associate Broker Prudential Georgia Realty talks about the current state of the real estate market.

Governor's water plan ignores conservation - Hear what Joe Cook, executive director of the Coosa River Basin Initiative, has to say about Nathan Deal's new $300 million water plan.

Sports Fanatic on the Death of an Icon -- Monday Night Football (published Dec. 15th, 2011) 

Be careful when following advice from Dr. Google -- By Dr. Lyn Lewis. A local vet offers cautionary tales of pet owners who relied on internet advice rather than professional help when diagnosing and treating animal ailments.


North Ga. Environmental Health Director discusses swimming pool safety -- "You may be surprised to learn that the swimming pool serving your residential development is not inspected by any authority for health. Published June 22, 2011

Nelson Mayor Comments on Police Protection -- Why should concerned citizens buy security systems and firearms instead of having the benefit of the one full-time and two part-time officers they are taxed for? While under my direction the police covered peak times and were very visible, says Mayor David Leister


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Pet Food -- Local veterinarian Lyn Lewis chimes in on what to feed your animals.


What is Lent? -- The Rev. Rob Bruce, Pastor at Tate UMC, offers thoughts on the yearly Christian period, typically observed by giving up something. But Rev. Bruce says for this year, to add something to your life.


National Spay Day USA -- Local Vet says, "We need to be responsible for the pets we consider ours.  Please spay and neuter your pets before the age of 8 months."

High profile legislation responds to citizens' needs - By State Senator Steve Gooch

From Hard-Head, with love - By Bettina Huseby

North Ga. Vet offers advice to pet owners; Handling Pet Emergencies - By Dr. Lyn Lewis, (published, January 27, 2011)

Help our school system help students, says Pickens Tea Party  -- By Nancy Davis, published, January 20, 2011

Emerging Healthcare invites you to change your life in 2011 -- New programs offered by local group. Published in print January 13, 2011.

Make Your House sell faster -- By Real Estate columnist Ron Barnes of Prudential Realty. 

Have a family revolution in 2011 -- parenting expert offers list of ideas for new year. Published in print January 6, 2011.

Support freedom of the press at the community level by Dan Darrington, published in print December 30th, 2010


0 #11 Phillips 2011-05-15 03:46
The Prenancy Centeris one of the largest blessing my family has ever came acress. Miss Robie is like a role modle and a friend. What they do for all the mothers and familys is a wonderful gift from ther hearts. I can say with this knowing That they are the truley a rare a specail Blessing from God !
4/27/11 tornado vict
0 #12 4/27/11 tornado vict 2011-05-26 12:56
I would Like to Thank all of the Community for the excellent support that they provided though the devastation that we experienced during th recent tornado. It has been 1 month today (most of you already know that) but just wanted to send a very appreciated THANK YOU to all of the nice people that took their (unpaid whole hearted sincere time to vounteer, and let us know that through whatever Life and/or Mother Nature throws our way) the Local community will be there without question to help.

Thank You !!!!
0 #13 Weaver 2011-06-20 08:59
Anyone witnessing a Black Audi Station wagon hitting a man on a bicycle (and leaving the scene) at the cross walk of Appalachian Tech/Piggly Wiggly parking lot on Saturday (approx 10:00 a.m.), June 18th please contact 678-348-0768.
0 #14 Paul 2011-07-21 23:43
Tim Brooks
+3 #15 Tim Brooks 2011-07-29 15:52
Does your newspaper have an Editor?
I took one look at the front-page picture from last week's page and asked myself that question.
I've gotten used to the PCP printing anything that local "officials" tell them without fact-checking, but do you even glance at the photographs you print? On last week's front page photo of the Sheriff's event: how could you fail to notice the young idiot sitting on the shoulders of another young man and the slogan proudly displayed on his black T-shirt?
I'm all in favor of constitutional rights, but I'm also in favor of choosing not to publish offensive materials if it can be avoided.
I need a part-time job, and you desperately need some help. How about it?
+5 #16 Laura 2011-08-05 17:48
Bottom line: too much government control is trickeling down to the local level. I think I can decide for myself how much school my child misses due to sickness. What really makes me mad is the awards day at the end of the year awards kids more for attendance than for grades or citizenship. Do we even care about excellent behavior or character anymore? A bike was given last year to the students with perfect attendance (one name was drawn out of the group of perfect attendees). Most likely these were students who were sent to school sick who got my kids sick. If a student is excessively out of school, and has poor grades, it's understandable, but missing a few days, I think I'll decide for myself. The government doesn't own me or my judgement. Stop the phone calls and nasty letters. It's really annoying!!!
+6 #17 BooPickensYouthSport 2011-08-10 10:56
I am absolutely fed up with the Pickens Rec Dept & Youth Sports and let me throw in JMS softball also. The problem here is Daddy Ball. Children are not being picked for their knowledge, skill or love of the sport, they are being picked based on who they know. How is a child suppose to learn the game properly when it isn't being taught properly to the "less important kids"? I think it is pathetic that families are trying to find their kids sports activities outside of Pickens County because of the Daddy Ball issue! As far as the Rec Dept goes, they need to get someone in their that knows how to run the program correctly, that has a genuine interest in youth sports and that believes all children deserve the same a shot. Pickens County is becoming unpopular very quickly!
+3 #18 Nichole 2011-08-21 15:11
To More Informed:

You should correct yourself in that the Thrift Store is just that, a thrift store. It is there for families who are less fortunate to shop and find bargain prices on things that, while they may be slightly old or used, they need. Some families shop at the thrift store for baby items because they do not have the means to shop anywhere else where the items needed will be more expensive. I for one didn't know about this pregnancy center until I just read about it here in the comments and I'm sure I'm not the only one still in the dark on it's existence. While I understand the hesistance to sell some items, not every baby item donated could potentially lead to a law suit. If the hesitance is that great then what is stopping them from donating these items to the pregnancy center? Throwing the baby items away is leaving one more less fortunate family in need of something they could have gotten had the thrift store volunteers not thrown it all away.

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