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This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Pine Grove Church

Not many people in Pickens County have ever heard about a church called Pine Grove. The only sign that it ever existed is a bunch of Daffodils growing and blooming in a pasture just off the Yukon Road or as some call it Jones Mountain Road.

Several years ago, Mr. Horace Kirk told me the story about the church and pointed out to me where it was located.

When early springtime rolls around, travel north from the Burnt Mountain Road, cross Talking Rock Creek, go about 1,000 feet look to your left and you will see the golden March or Daffodil flowers blooming in a pasture. This is the original site of Pine Grove Baptist Church. No records are available that this church ever existed, only verbal stories that are passed from one person to another. There are the remains of a cemetery near the church site. It is said that there are five members of the Hales family buried there. About 1995 I saw the remains of this cemetery. There are only field stones that show any resemblance of a cemetery ever being located there. If my memory serves me correctly, there were three or four sites that could be called a grave site, none were identified.

According to Mr. Kirk, his family owned several hundred acres in this area. Some of it remains in the family now. Several of the Kirk family names connected to this property are listed in the Pickens County Heritage Book.

Mr. Kirk told me that the original Pine Gove Church just died and was later located on Aiken Mountain under the same name, where it was also abandoned later.

The cemetery on Aiken Mountain has seven graves. Four are identified, Barbay C.ark, death date August, 1900; Jan Aikens, Mary Hales and Ester Simons (exact spellings). There are three more not identified. Several years ago, a lady from Washington, DC contacted me and wanted to see this cemetery. I recall the day that I took her there, it rained very hard and I held an umbrella over her while she wrote down the information she wanted. She told me that if I ever came to DC that she would hold an umbrella for me when I visited the Washington Monument. I have no business in Washington, D.C. Now or ever.

I wonder, how many more churches in Pickens County have been abandoned over the years that once existed. I know of one that was relocated. Friendship Primitive Baptist was once located on or near Bryant Loop Road. Rev. Clay Fountain told me about the original church and the original location several years ago, even told me some  names associated with the church.

These old names and places, not only churches, need to be told about and recorded while people are still living who recall these places and their history. I think daily of Charles O. Walker who researched, wrote and recorded things about Pickens County that has long been forgotten. And he was not even born in Pickens County. Rosemond Stancil was once my source for information on Pickens county and its people. Give Rosemond a name and she could give you a life history of that particular person. I have learned to really appreciate these two people. May they rest in peace. Miss Jane Griffith and Mimi Jo Butler from Tate are another couple to be remembered. And there are others but I’m short on space.

Gene Teague


Dear Editor:

Where Do My Dollars Go

This is not about a family budget.  It is trying to answer the question:  Where does the money go when I buy Chinese stuff.?...


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