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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

I live, like most of my neighbors, in rural Pickens. My house backs up to beautiful rolling woods and I love it. I have a workshop behind  and I like to sit in it sometimes and just enjoy the sounds of nature. I was doing just that right at sunset a few nights ago when I heard an animal call that was new to me. My dog happened to be on a lead and he heard it too. We both strained and listened as it got a little closer. 

    Suddenly his hair and mine raised up and I knew that what I was hearing could  only be one thing. Human. He was creeping toward my dog, unaware that I was there too! I literally flew into my back door, locked it, ran into my son's room and we grabbed weapons. He took the shotgun and I took the pistol. We then went out the front door and around back to confront the creeper.

   All was quiet as we ramboed into position. I hid behind a tree, gun ready and called out "Who's there?!"  Nothing. I called again. "I don't know who you are but you're about to get shot!" I fired into the ground. Then like trout to a mayfly he rose.

   He did not run but kept his back to us as he walked back into the woods. My son then called out to him and he replied that he had strayed from his property. I then asked him why he was making weird noises and creeping to which I got no response.

    We then realized that  he had a 4 wheeler parked just behind the ridge and that someone else was with him. We heard him say, "They've got guns."

    We made a report. We called all of our neighbors, only to hear more troubling

stories from all around Yellow Creek Rd.

Citizens be warned and on your guard. These people are brazen and seem to be in it for more than a little B&E!

   Call the Sheriffs office and insist that they patrol this area more. It took 30 minutes for them to show. More than enough time for bad things to happen.

Let's take our country life back!

Thank you for reading, Tammy L. Unger


Dear Editor:

This is a thank you to Ben Blackburn and Bob Reitz for their letters to the editor last week. They helped to remind me that the end of our country is not eminent. Mr. Justicz's letter used the same negative message as the campaign of Hillary Clinton, which was to constantly attack Donald Trump as an unworthy candidate and President.

My liberal friends, the election is finished and the Republicans won. Get over it, quit whining, and move on. It says volumes that much of the country was so tired of the bankrupting policies of the Democrats that we elected a man who was personally unlikeable. But we knew that he was a highly successful businessman, and we also felt that he had the strength to stand up for America. This was something Obama never seemed to do, particularly when it involved the Muslim world.

A friend said recently that we should pray for the success of the President, no matter whether we voted for him or not, because that is in the best interest of everyone in the United States. The world is a scary place today, and we need to fight for the good of our country, not fight with each other!

Gerald Hunter


Dear Editor:

The rest of the story....

I recently read pieces in the Pickens Progress from George Justicz (April 7, 2017 and April 13, 2017) and Ben Blackburn (April 13, 2017). I have a great deal of respect for both these gentlemen. Mr. Justicz and Mr. Blackburn draw their opinions from a wealth of life experiences and a deep passion for this country. I would however, like to add a few additional facts and a little different perspective to their discussion.

Mr. Blackburn points out that we "survived four years of Jimmy Carter" and then skips full speed ahead to Barack Obama with his "ill advised and excessive regulation" and his "feckless disregard for the financial footing of the country". If it had not been for a freak sandstorm in the Iranian desert and the ensuing failed hostage rescue mission, Jimmy Carter would likely have been elected to a second term. He is a good man. Being a good man, doesn’t seem as important now, but at that time, it still meant something. Today, it seems, we

use a vastly different standard to choose our presidents.

Instead of a second term for President Carter, the country opted for a handsome movie star for president. who scrapped the automobile mileage standards Carter had put in place, which in turn made us once again dependent on foreign oil for the next 30 years. Had those standards been left in place all the cars we drive today would likely get 50 miles per gallon.

Mr. Blackburn, while accusing Mr. Justicz of partisanship, also somehow missed entirely, the eight years of George W. Bush and the Great Recession. The rest of us remember that seven million homes were foreclosed, and Americans collectively lost $21 trillion in home values, stock market value, and retirement savings. I haven't forgotten it, as Mr. Blackburn did, because I watched friends that had worked all their lives lose everything. Somehow the "feckless" Obama administration then managed to pull the country back from the financial brink and put 15 million Americans back to work. In addition, the Obama administration recovered billions from banks and mortgage companies for fraudulent lending. Today more than 20 million men, women, and children have health insurance, including many right here in Pickens County, because of the Affordable Care Act. These are hard facts that Mr. Blackburn chose to ignore. These are not partisan talking points.

The most disturbing statement Mr. Blackburn’s makes is how he dismisses President Obama as a "Muslim devotee". This distortion is far beneath a good man like Mr. Blackburn and is best left to the ill-informed and Islamophobic minority in this country.

I do heartily agree with Mr. Blackburn on one point that this is a country of strong people who will not stand idly by while its structure is undermined. The ineptitude, the vulgarity, the lies, and the greed of Donald Trump and his acolytes will not be tolerated by the vast majority of Americans. This has already manifested itself across our country in the rise of political activism particularly among younger Americans. As our democracy flexes its muscles we should all perhaps listen a little more carefully to the history lesson Mr. Justicz shares in his writings. In 1920, the fledgling National Socialist German Workers Party started out promising jobs, the deportation of immigrants, and criticizing the media. Only years later did the world begin to call it by its English translation of Nazi Party.

Gary Corn


Dear Editor:

Consumer beware! There is an old adage which states, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Unfortunately, when this old saying is applied to any extended care living facility, the message takes on a whole new level of seriousness. Whether a facility chooses to label itself as a rehab center, nursing home, personal care home, assisted living facility, hospice, et. al., there are certain considerations that must be clearly entertained by the consumer.

Do your homework! A pastoral setting complete with cutsie farm animals or pictures of Jesus strategically placed throughout the public areas, does not necessarily reflect the true identity, nature or level of care as one is led to believe...

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