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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Seniors for Seniors  

I was volunteering at the shelter the other day and to my dismay, the number of owner surrender dogs was quite large.  These were dogs that had no behavioral issues, they were housebroken and they were in a warm, loving home. Now they are in a cage, some of them hiding in a corner, not understanding what happened to their beloved owner. In most cases these wonderful pets had owners that had to go into a care facility or who passed away but in some instances the owners just decided they didn't want their pet anymore.  These owner surrender dogs range from two years up.  Did you know that a dog, older than seven years, is considered a senior?

This gave a friend of mine an idea... Why not have a Senior for Senior Adoption Program. It is a known fact that seniors with furry companions live longer. Many times, older people would like a dog or cat but they don't want a young dog or kitten that jumps around and runs all over the place. They don't want a fur ball that needs to be housebroken or trained.  And they sure don't want a dog or cat that is going to outlive them. They just want a nice furry companion to confide in. A furry companion who will listen, give kisses when asked and just stay close. I once saw a sign at a church that said, "God please help me to be the person my dog thinks I am"!

Why not give these senior dogs and cats a chance to feel the love that they once had.  Don't let them live their remaining years caged up in a shelter. It is not their fault they are there. They deserve your love. It is a win win for all involved.

Come join us when we have our Adopt a Senior Event in November or  visit the shelter and walk, talk and pet these seniors, foster a senior or just call the shelter and choose a senior for their  forever home!

Suzie Champitto


Dear Editor:

The administration of Donald Trump is working with the Congress of the United States to enact a sweeping Tax Reform. Let’s look at it...


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