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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Every year the state of Georgia loses hundreds of men, women, and children to alcoholic drinks at a cost of over a billion dollars.

The insanity and depth of felony of the sale of alcoholic drinks are written in the deaths they cause and the abuse, injury, and unhappiness resulting from them. The callousness and betrayal of human life, motherhood, and citizenship by our government in permitting the sale of alcoholic drinks and the craven cowardice in not confronting them is a shame to the name of the state and each person in it. The need to stop the holocaust of human lives and the wasteful effusion of state wealth is not a whisper but a loud trumpet sound. We don't hear it nor do we see the need to stop the deadly drinks because we have been brain washed and rendered blind and deaf by those who want our money and do not care if we die. We are asked to sacrifice many lives and much treasure for the greed, addiction, fun, and perversion of leaders and people. Alcoholic drinks are a clear and present danger to all.

There should be a Prohibition Amendment in the Georgia Constitution in AD 2020 in order to save many lives and stop crime.                                                                                                 

Billy Joe Parker

Georgia Prohibition


Dear Editor:

Seniors for Change.

I have heard many people say help the seniors. Well now's time to do so get out and vote Option 2...


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