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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to share a story about a beautiful old book that I have had for many years. The book was a gift from my husband. The day he got the book he called to tell me that he was bringing me home a gift. I tried to imagine what it could be. A box of candy, a piece of jewelry? But it turned out to be none of these. When he arrived, he handed me a large black book with a worn and faded cover. I was a little disappointed at first. My disappointment soon turned to excitement. The book he had given me was the Holy Bible and it was dated 1846. He had found the book in a little antique shop. 

As I turned the pages, it seemed as if I had stepped back in time. The people who had owned the Bible were from Scotland. Their names and birthdays were listed neatly in the family record section. A certificate of music dated 1876 was located in the book as if carelessly thrown there by the young man who studied under a master of piano in the old country. A couple of ribbons from dance contests were among the pages. Lilies, daffodils and some white flowers were pressed in the book, their petals had withered and turned brown with age. My mind could only imagine that those flowers could have been from lovely ladies returning from dates with their favorite beaus or from weddings from long ago. 

As I sat spellbound, the thing that sent a chill down my spine was a lock of blonde hair. It was curled and looked as if it was placed there by a mother as she clipped it from the head of a child she loved very much. I could picture the young man as he stood patiently while the sights and sounds of the Scottish countryside made him want to run outside to his next adventure.

The Bible and all of the things in the Bible were over 100 years old, some maybe a lot older. The price of this precious book was $27. That is what my husband paid for the Bible in that little antique shop. To someone like me who loves antiques it was worth a small fortune, but the memories connected with this book are priceless. Anyone who loves antiques can truly appreciate the feelings that such a find brings to life.

Thank you for letting me share them with you.

Juanita Wilkie


Dear Editor:

I’m disgusted by the amount of trash that accumulates by the roadsides throughout our county.


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