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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

When I read one of last week’s Letters to the Editor, I thought perhaps Caleb Smith had written an extra humor column. Then I realized that Ms. Gutierrez was serious in her rebuke of our local Republicans. While I do not believe that most conservatives “hated” Obama, I know we disapproved of many of his policies. His background as a community organizer and professional politician, along with a cabinet full of non-business types, resulted in a push for big government which stymied American businesses....


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Letters Welcomed

“Letters to the Editor” is an important public forum in the community and the Progress welcomes  these letters. Letters addressing issues will be accepted but not those expressing a personal grievance directed toward another individual. Letters OVER 450 WORDS in length will not be considered for publication. All letters MUST BE SIGNED with address and phone number given where the author can be reached to verify information. 

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