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Let's give thanks, this country is still not a bad place

But just wait, just you wait, all these things are still going to happen and worse. We’ll probably have to give up our guns and be forced to serve as best men or bridesmaids in gay weddings – at least according to the spew-pot doomsayers on television.
Looking back at the last year, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole “The End is Near” collection of rants for this nation expressed on a daily basis by commentators of all political ilks.
True, there are some real concerns for this country. Our trade deficit with China is too high, and the number of jobs out there is too low.
The unpopular liberal agenda and excessive spending at Washington are clearly things that must be addressed and, based on the latest election results, those will be. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have moved so far off the front burner they are often overlooked except by families with servicemen now serving in those countries. Both conflicts remain very much alive.
And too, terrorist groups came close to smuggling two bombs into this country, shipping electronics by commercial carriers. It shows vigilance is still needed.
But, all this considered, the lives of average Americans are vastly better than the lives of citizens anywhere else on the planet. Furthermore, our lives are better now than they have been throughout most of this nation’s history. If you don’t believe this, go ask someone more than 70 years old to tell you how hard they worked and how little they had when they were a teenager.
The never-ending despondency of no-nothing commentators and politicians would have you believe this nation has seen its last days, that our glory has passed.
Hogwash. There is no reason to build a bunker, stockpile gold or riot in the streets.
Listening to the rhetoric out there, you would believe nothing good has happened here since the days of our founding fathers. It’s si mply not true. With all our faults, America remains the greatest of nations.
Remember that this Thanksgiving.
Every time someone starts in about how bad this country is, remind them of what is going right with us. And for people who say very little, point out:
• We were free to vote November 2 without violence or military coercion. In how many countries do citizens enjoy the same privilege?
• The economy is cyclical and will improve. While there have been too many foreclosures, families have not been forced to pillage through garbage cans or live under bridges in our community.
• Even with the epic partisan split in Washington, the possibility that half this country might systematically start killing the other half based on politics, tribal identity or religion is pretty low. We fortunately won’t need refugee camps to house liberals after they’ve been burnt out their homes or run out of villages – despite what some bloggers might indicate they desire.
• We’re still free to pray, to speak out against our government, to carry guns. None of our worst fears came anywhere close to coming true this past year. Frankly, those don’t seem likely any time soon.
So this Thanksgiving let’s give praise for what is right in our land. Problems come, and they go, but this republic is still a great place to live, and we still have plenty to be grateful for.