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Editorials - Pickens Progress Online

What we are thankful for

    Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans gather for a day of feasting, family and football. Today’s Thanksgiving celebrations, while likely unrecognizable to attendees of the original 1621 harvest meal, have stood the test of time and continue to be a day for us to gather around the table and celebrate the things that bring us together - health, love, friendship.
    As we enjoy Thanksgiving 2014 with our loved ones, let’s give thanks for hope for the future and the blessings from our past.
    Here at the Progress we are thankful....

    To citizens of the year like this year’s Jeff Downing who remind us that community service is a noble part of life.

    To Tara Seagraves, a Willow Creek neighborhood mother, who took it upon herself to video cars illegally passing stopped school buses and bring it to the attention of the sheriff. Her efforts may have saved a child’s life.

    To a winning PHS football team. Because it fosters a sense of comradery among students and the community. And it’s just plain fun when our team wins.

    To the sheriff for putting the H.E.A.T on DUIs. The dark blue Dodge Chargers that patrol our roads keep us all a little safer.

    To the county’s fire service protection improvements that dropped our ISO ratings in three of the five districts - which means a drop in insurance premiums.

    To the county’s more than 320 teachers who go to school every day to educate our children and strive for a positive learning environment, despite the constant federal and state push for more and more paperwork.
    To the road department guys who come out in the harshest conditions to do what they can with Mother Nature’s droppings.

    To Tater Patch and North Georgia Acting Company for providing our community with exciting live entertainment throughout the year.

    To Carole Maddux and the countless Good Samaritan Center volunteers who have served approximately 9,000 people who are at poverty level and have no insurance for their healthcare. Thanks to the doctors, dentists, clerks, and pharmacists that all volunteer to make sure nobody goes without medical care in Pickens County.

    To CARES for feeding the needy all year round, not just during the holidays.

    To all the businesses who provide local citizens with good, sustainable jobs.

To the city of Jasper police officers and county sheriff’s deputies who, although Pickens County is a very peaceful place for the most part, put their lives on the line every day just by showing up for work.

    To the Jasper Farmers Market, which  provides us with fresh produce from local farmers. And thanks for booth rental fees that are so low farmers can keep their prices low, too.

     To the employees at the Camp Road recycling center who have always greeted our smelly garbage with a big grin. Their good attitudes are infectious.

    To our loyal subscribers who support us and allow us do our jobs every week - bringing you the news of this community.